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Rocio, Ruby, and Janet 

Our back office will take vitals, current medications & ask medical questions regarding your visit. They make sure your visit is as comfortable as can be. Rocio, Ruby, & Janet are Certified Medical Assistants. "We love our job, we do our best to make patient feel better."


Erendira and America

First people to greet you as you walk in the office. Ere & America make sure all your forms are correctly filled out and will also let back office know of your arrival. Ere and America, have worked with doctor for several years."We work to  make the visit a feel good visit as much as possible"

I'm Another Title


Office referrals done by Lorena she makes sure all patients are taken care of as they see other specialist or, any appointments outside Wahid Medical.She works with insurances to make sure your appointments are covered & close to home. 

Email: Lorena@wahidmedical.com


Wahid Medical staff  is the cornerstone in ensuring the success of not only day to day care, but establishing a better experience at our office.


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