Ali Abdul Wahid, MD

Family Medicine Physician & Aesthetics Specialist located in Patterson, CA

About Dr. Abdul Wahid

Trust Ali Abdul Wahid, MD, of Wahid Medical in Patterson, California, for all your family medicine needs. He provides a wide variety of services that include expert diabetes management and support, skin lesion removal, and numerous medical aesthetic services such as cellulite reduction and laser hair removal.

A graduate of the University of Basrah in Iraq, Dr. Wahid finished his residency program in family practice at Forbes Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. He opened his practice in 2012 but has been an active part of the Patterson community since 2009. Dr. Wahid is the recipient  of honors for his work, including an internal medicine award in 2005 and 2006.

As an avid teacher, Dr. Wahid has educated students from Touro University in Vallejo, California, and Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona, and teaches diabetes management. He does a lot of volunteering and was part of the Haiti post-earthquake relief effort in 2011. 

In his spare time, Dr. Wahid enjoys traveling and playing soccer.