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Chronic pain interferes with your very sense of well-being. Relationships, work, and quality of life suffer. Ali Abdul Wahid, MD, and the team at Wahid Medical in Patterson, California, offers pain management for pain due to sore muscles, connective tissue, and bones. Contact the office to learn about laser management for knee, shoulder, back, and osteoarthritis pain. Call today or book your consultation online so you can get relief soon.

Pain Management Q&A

What prescription interventions can help with pain?

The goal of pain intervention is to reduce your sensations of pain and improve your ability to function daily. This allows you to work and do daily chores more freely and happily.

The Wahid Medical team has experience safely prescribing medication for pain – when necessary. They customize the type and dosage of your medication and monitor to assess its effectiveness. The team does everything possible to ensure you use the medication safely and appropriately.

What types of pain is worthy of pain management?

Pain is common in the shoulders, back, and knees. It can occur due to an acute incident – such as a sports injury, car wreck, or fall. Repetitive movement, due to a job task or regular activity like jogging, can also result in pain.

Osteoarthritis is a common cause of pain, especially in the knees and back. Osteoarthritis is a form of degenerative arthritis in which the cushioning cartilage wears away, and bone rubs against bone to cause painful friction. Many patients with osteoarthritis require pain management.

How does laser treatment help you manage pain?

Wahid Medical offers LightForce® laser therapy to help manage pain. It may be used in addition to, or in lieu of, pharmaceutical drugs. Laser treatment with LightForce is FDA approved.

The energy penetrates deep into the source of your pain to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. The treatment eases symptoms of pain and restores function.

What should I expect during laser pain management?

Each session lasts about 5-10 minutes, and your provider applies the laser energy directly to your skin. Laser energy cannot penetrate through clothing. You feel warmth, but no pain, during treatments.

You may experience treatment with a contact or non-contact handpiece. A contact piece allows the technician to massage your sites of pain while applying the laser energy. A contact piece can penetrate deeper than non-contact handpieces and is preferred when appropriate.

Expect to see results after 3-5 treatments. The Wahid Medical team develops a pain management plan that is right for your particular condition.

If you suffer from chronic pain, consult with Wahid Medical for solutions. Call or book an appointment online.